Imp has crashed

When compiling the code the IDE came up with the comment 'there is a problem with your code Hippos are checking’
Since then it will not work.
Is there a problem with the system?

I’d say there is a problem right now. My devices went off line a bit ago.

Yes, I believe there is. I got that message just before the IDE stopped loading completely. Then when the IDE came back an hour later, all of my boards reported that they couldn’t connect. They won’t reblink and they don’t run code.

AWS suffered a major outage in us-west-1 (where the majority of imp servers currently are). We posted to @impstatus - follow this on twitter for the latest updates.

Though things are “up” now, according to amazon, we are still seeing ongoing issues with the underlying amazon services that are causing slowness and general upset to the imp servers.