Imp Fried?


Since the last firmware update I had weid beaviour on my imp… Today I tried a fresh 9V battery and now nothing… even when on USB!

Any idea?

my bad!!! I found a loose wire… the imp had 9v on inputs!!! ouch I think it is fried!

Ouch, yes that would have fried the poor little thing :frowning:

Goethe: “A clever man commits no minor blunders.” so dont wurrie Pietronet. :-B

how would electronic industry work if we do not burn some chips time to time

is it possible to fix it? I have made a mistake and turn it on with 9v Battery :frowning:

Well, 9v to the April board is fine (it will accept up to 16v and turn it into a nice safe 3.3v). Where did you attach the 9v?

It was to pin 3V3 and it has become warm and then died. And was using April board.

Yeah, 9v to the 3.3v is likely a frying offence…

And is there some fuse in imp? Or is it dead for sure?

The fuse is the silicon chip. If it got hot, it’s totally dead.