Imp flashing unknown LED pattern

So I blinked up my new Imp. April board was detected online. I typed up the first example of blinking an LED. The tutorial says I should press Build and Run button, but there is only a Build button. Building it does not run the code.
Anyway, here is the pattern that the Imp is blinking when I power it:
short orange -> off -> shorter red -> off -> short orange -> short green
then it proceeds to blink longer greens for 2 or 3 times and then the whole cycle repeats.
Actually recently, it’s been blinking a similar pattern but sometimes the two patterns of red orange and green seem to intermix. It’s really strange…

Edit: I finally got it working. Not sure what I did, but it just started working properly after probably 20 restarts ;]

What are you using for power? It almost sounds like the board is restarting continuously.