Imp doesn't show in My Development Devices, but does in Device Lookup

It’s blinked up successfully twice now. I’ve also tried resetting the configuration with the mobile app; it goes through the motions, but is still running old code (I can tell because of the message I get when I browse to the Agent URL).


Can you please PM me the device or agent ID?

It’s on its way. Thanks!

I should have clarified: while the device shows up in Device Loookup (and the device is online and the agent is running), I can’t do anything with it. If I try to Assign or Unassign it, I get an “NF001 404 Resource Not Found” response.

Hi @HTolino, sorry for the confusion here!

Looks like your device is still assigned to a model in legacy ide. That’s why you don’t see the device in new impCentral UI’s “My Devices” view.

ImpCentral device lookup (GET /v5/devices/:id) supports legacy assigned devices as input, in order to be helpful and provide more information about a legacy device than anything from legacy UI/API. Basically we were trying to be helpful for API users, but seems it definitely can make the experience confusing during transition from legacy to impCentral.

Anyway, you have a couple options for resolution.

(A) You could login with the same account to old and unassign the device from current model. This will make the device appear in new impCentral UI as unassigned :grinning: and subsequently allow using however desired in impCentral.

(B) You could migrate the model where current device is assigned from legacy to impCentral. This will transfer everything over to impCentral like magic and you’ll see the same device/agent on a new impCentral group running same code :+1:

Sorry for confusion and please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you for the explanation and the suggestion. I’ve logged into the legacy IDE, deleted the device, then added it in impCentral. Keeping my fingers crossed…