Imp device too close to Access Point

There seems to be an issue with imp devices over-modulating when too close to access points (ie, within 2-3 metres). Apart from the obvious solutions (moving the imp further away, insulating it), are there any steps we can take to address this? I also wonder if there is a way that that imp can detect this and indicate with the bi-colour LEDs that rssi for the AP is greater than -25, so someone installing understands that it is too close.

The issue is generally that the AP is saturating the imp’s receiver vs the other way round; the WiFi spec says you should be able to achieve <10% error rate at -20dBm.

What we’ve found is that this generally results in the wifi chip crashing (!), which on release 27 forces a whole imp reboot. It’s been reported to broadcom, but the next release reboots the wifi chip under the imp so your code will continue running with only a short interruption to connectivity (which is hidden by the stack).