Imp crashed, reason: wifi error

Got this last night - I’m running close to edge at -86 dBm
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 05:55:23: imp crashed, reason: wifi error
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 05:55:23: Device booting

Assume I’m falling off wifi?

Just want to say imp wireless range and performance is fantastic.
It’s better than wireless devices I have running 433 & 868 mhz
which are supposed to be better in the built environment!


This is an issue which we’re working on; the wifi chip gets upset and right now our corrective action is to reboot. It’s not related to signal strength - good to hear you are getting great range with the imp though, we’re pretty proud of our RF performance :slight_smile:

There’s an update to the wifi driver in release-12 which may help, but we’re also working on a less drastic recovery if the wifi chip gets upset (it’ll just reboot wifi underneath your running code). WiFi chips are very complex and even the best ones have bugs!


I am seeing this issue if my Wi-Fi goes down over night my Imp wont automatically reconnect. Is there a way of detecting a active connection say on a timer and a piece of code to get the Imp to restart its Connection to the WI-FI ??.


Rob C

If the wifi is absent for more than a minute, the imp gives up and won’t retry until ten minutes later. If your wifi outage was less than a minute, or it doesn’t reconnect after the ten minutes, then that might be a bug. It’s intended to do so.


Any news on this bug. Mine will go offline for long periods (sometimes days somtimes hours) without restarting.

Right now, the workaround is to implement a local watchdog as I’ve noted in other threads. This ensures that locally generated traffic is sent periodically. A better OS-level solution is coming shortly.

function watchdog() {
imp.wakeup(60, watchdog);