Imp count vimp

Just curious what the imp count actually returns. Is it the total number of imps online with the service or the total number of our imps online?

Unless I have 300 more imps than I realised, I’d say it’s the total number connected to the cloud.

Fen Consultants, UK

Well, sure - I guess that’s obvious, but what good is it to know the total number connected to the cloud? Honestly, I could care less of your imps are connected or not. I also asked because at one point the number was 300+, but then I looked again and it was in the low 20s.

I guess the reason I ask is . . . what’s its purpose and is the way it operates now the way it’s supposed to operate?

I was asked not to document it as it was not going to be exposed to customers. It’s used to drive a big LED display at imp HQ so they can celebrate when they hit a million concurrency (or something like that!).

My guess is it’ll disappear from the vimp list at some point.


Gotcha - makes sense. It would be kind of cool to be able to monitor how many you have online of your own.

Make that 301 imps online now.  :slight_smile:
Mine finally arrived here yesterday.

All I’ve done with it thus far is Blink-Up (Android Galaxy Nexus, worked first try).
The devwiki needs updating: the blink-up description there still talks about beeps and whatnot, which no longer exist.


That’s great, Mark.  Glad first blink-up worked. 

I think the removal of the “beeps” is temporary since we’re working to improve the blink-up feature.  We plan to re-implement it since the beeps are audio indicators to let those who may be susceptible to strobing light know when the blink-up is finished.

Beeps were removed because a couple of seconds after the last beep, android tore down the audio path and caused the screen updates to glitch… we’re looking at options to keep the audio path up which should work around that issue.

There will be further updates to the android app :slight_smile: