Imp connect to personal hotspot WiFi on ipone, should it work?


I used one of my Imps to create a wireless meat probe to use when barbecueing :slight_smile: Works great if I have normal Wifi coverage by the barbecue but that is not always the case. But my iPhone can share it’s internet connection using the WiFi, called Personal Hotspot. So I entered the networkname and password in BlinkUp and it seems to work! The phone indicates that I have one device connected to the iphone and I see in the IDE that my Imp goes online and starts posting readings. But, it does it only for 2-3 seconds and then it becomes silent.

Anyone else tried this? Works same?

How could one debug to find out what is wrong?


I do this quite a bit, but I did have some trouble when using an iPhone 4. I don’t have any trouble with my 5S. What phone/iOS version are you using?

Works fine on an iPhone 5. Do it all the time when demonstrating to customers/