Imp cloud - freeware/shareware

Hello all!
Probably I have missed some info, but…
I understand that for small number of devices imp cloud is free.
I have some university project (a “map” of T, Rh and CO2 data) and want to buy some 20 or 30 pcs imp001+ April board (just due to dimensions).
I can buy form DigiKey but there are no EU imp001.
No problem to buy on electricimp store, just I cannot pay by credit card in his case and must do wire transfer (university).
I cannot get clear answer from sales team - I must make some Agreement with electricimp regarding some payment for imp cloud usage or not, can I order directly or not… etc.
Seems that company expand and grow up - great! - but also seems that nowdays to get clear answer become more difficult…
So, for example, if I buy from DigiKey 100 imp’s and blink them all and apply them all - what will happen in financial terms?

Devices used for non-commercial purposes (eg university projects) do not need a commercial agreement.

Developer accounts are limited to a max number of devices, however in this case I would guess each student would have their own account, so that isn’t an issue either.