IMP centered wifi usb hub

I haven’t yet received my order for a coupe of these and April boards i ordered and i was thinking up a few ideas for these neat little things, i want to construct a wifi usb hub, i plug the end with one of the chips to receive the signal into my computer and another chip would be the transmitter, and have a usb port that i could plug devices into. i have seen a couple videos and they appear to respond extremely fast even though they have to go through the internet even over local wifi. but is the response fast enough for a computer to be able to recognize it? sorry if that is a dumb question, i haven’t worked much with software on chips other than a quad-rotor i built (which i would also like to add imp’s to) and I’m not exactly familiar with usb protocol
thanks in advance to those who help!

USB is a bit fast (up to 480Mbps for USB2.0-HS) and has very stringent timing characteristics. There was a wireless USB standard at one point but I’ve not seen anything on it recently.

It’s not really practical to attempt this with an imp. For a certain class of devices you might manage (eg you could make a PS/2 keyboard or mouse interface to an imp) but the general case is very very hard.