Imp cant connect to cloud

It connect to wifi, get an IP, trying to connect the service and stays in this state (blinking Orange, Red, Off)
as I see at the tcpdump on router imp trying to connect only to local DNS server
imp mac is 0C:2A:69:00:24:34

What I have to do to complele commission?

Review your router settings, DHCP, MAC filters, firewall etc.

all theese settings do not prevent any access
DHCP gives IP, Gateway and DNS
no MAC filters
no firewal, simply nat with all ports open

Sorry, found a blocking part… it is my ISP.
from another ISP works fine

That’s very interesting, can you PM me with details of your ISP? I’ve not heard of any ISPs blocking port 31314 (though some corporate networks have been known to block any port they’re not aware of).

We have some future measures that should help with blocked ports, more on that when they roll out.


is your router based on dd-wrt?

I’ve experienced similar problem with a TP-Link flashed with dd-wrt, even with firewall and any other protection off.

Flashing back to the stock firmware made all my imps working fine.


I have had difficulties with dd-wrt, but it works sometimes.

We’d like to hear about problems with dd-wrt; we use a dd-wrt setup for maker faire and have not seen any issues there but there are a whole load of configuration options…

Mine is configured in Repeater-Bridge mode.

The problems I had were months ago, it often took a long time to connect. My solution was to use a different router from the neighbors…

Ah ok, wifi repeating is very, erm, interesting at the best of times. When you had issues, what was your setup? (so it was dd-wrt set up as repeater/bridge, on what hardware and what network was it repeating?)

I’d like to replicate any setups we have problems with so we can dig into them, though I can believe this type of thing may get passed on to Broadcom :slight_smile:

The other router is MI424-WR from Verizon with WEP. It really wasn’t so bad. It connected, it was reliable, just a little slow connecting. Everything else works, streaming video, skype, even torrents. It’s interesting to note that most devices in the house could not connect to any other networks, but the Imp had no problem due to it’s superior sensitivity and antenna.

My router is Mikrotik device.
ISP is TeNeT (Ukraine, Odessa) and problem with ISP was temporaly, now it fixed