Imp C001 antenna and network

After a couple month of using C001 I have 2 questions:

  1. I use antenna coming with C001 breakout board but time after time connection is lost due to weak signal. How I can replace this antenna to some outdoor antenna?
  2. Network always is 3G. Is it defined as a only one or it is possible to switch to existing 4G or LTE?
    Thanks in advance!

You can use another antenna with a u.FL to SMA cable. You need to stay within certain parameters though, I’ll dig those out for you.

It’s possible you have got stuck on a particular network that only has 3G available; if you PM me your device ID I can check this (and tell me where you are in the world!). It will prefer LTE if available.

It’s actually quite possible that in your area, LMT is only available on band 7; they support LTE on bands 3 & 7, but the impC001-EUR only supports 1,3,8,20 and 28 (there are so many different LTE bands).

Tele2 are on 3, 7 and 20 though, and the imp should use them if available there.

The peak antenna gain used in the module’s CE testing was 2.15dBi - however, as noted above, it may not be an antenna issue here, more an available bands issue.

Does it mean that by changing location also are possible change from 3G to LTE?

Yes, though that’s largely invisible to your application; LTE cat 1 isn’t necessarily any faster than 3G HSPA (it can be slower) - but it is lower latency.