Imp Block diagram

Can anyone help me? I would like to draw a block diagram of how an imp could be used to monitor and control some sensors and actuators on a remote device (two analogue sensors and a digital signal to a motor). I have come up with this so far - can anyone confirm my drawing (which opens in MS paint)?

Is “wi-fi” enabled computer a computer that is creating your wi-fi access point somehow? Your computer connects through a router? it is described as “Local phone mast” which is not a term that is familiar to me (USA)

otherwise, if you are using a router, this is what your imp device will communicate with.

Do you want some feedback sensors on the sluce gate? I would think so in which case you should have reverse arrow on your digital interface or a second arrow coming back.

btw, I just tried using Twilio to have the agent send text messages. It was really easy to get that working.

“Phone mast” is the British for “cell tower” :slight_smile: