IMP Appears dead from day 1

I received my imp and April board today. I tried to flash it with iOS app 5 times. I plug the April board into my computer’s USB port, but no lights, no network activity, nothing. How do I get this thing working?

I’m guessing you have the Sparkfun April board!

Sparkfun didn’t supply a header or shunt to select USB power on their version of April. See the note here:

“Note: If you want to use the USB or battery inputs for power, you will need to populate the 3-pin jumper and set it to either ‘BAT’ or ‘USB’. Otherwise, you can just simply power the board using VIN and GND without the use of a jumper.”

I’ve called this out on the “start here” page on the devwiki too. The boards we made had this header and shunt supplied which made things somewhat simpler. If you see a USB socket, you kinda expect it to work by default!

Yes, I was surprised that they didn’t include this as well. I’m more of a software guy so hopefully I can work through this. Is one way to resolve this to buy solderless headers and a shunt?

Ghetto method would be to take a paperclip, cut it a bit short and post it through the two holes (center and the one labeled USB) from the underside, and twist it together on the top to tension it. Then cover exposed metal in tape before you power it up.

Done it many times before :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, Hugo! I was starting to sweat!

Thanks Hugo. Wouldn’t ask another question if I’d read this one .