Imp and Automagic - Android Automation App

I just had to share a great tool to use with the electric imp.

I have an app that I have been using for a very long time called Automagic. It’s one of those apps that listens to everything going on with your phone/tablet and based on various bits of logic (and even scripts) carries out various actions. The only thing is it is THE most comprehensive app of it’s kind. I have it doing all sorts including automatically creating my timesheets and logging my business mileage! The UI is great and if you’re rooted it can also carry out root commands.

Anyhow, where the imp comes in is this app can post HTTP Requests and so you can use every sensor on your phone and a bit more to send commands to an imp. The list of triggers/actions/conditions that can be used to implement the end result of a request is far too long to post here so I encourage you to check it out and have a play. I really can’t sing this thing’s praises enough it’s very powerful.

I’ve had it working with the Blink-o-matic example. I will post the example to the Automagic in-app forum where you can download it if you wish but it is very simple.

p.s. I’m an engineer but I’m no developer, I don’t know how to code, I only recently found out what Arduino was, but, I have my Imp and I’m loving it, very exciting stuff. It’s this kind of simple but powerful product that gets nerds like me excited and learning more, so great work to all involved in bringing this product into fruition.

Thanks, sounds like we should take a look at that app!