Imp (& agent) becoming very unstable

Don’t know what happened. I made an error sending a blob over the agent.send() method, which on the agent side made things go wrong. Since then the whole setup is unstable . Log:

Sat Mar 23 2013 15:25:34 GMT+0100 (Romance (standaardtijd)): Device booting
Sat Mar 23 2013 15:25:34 GMT+0100 (Romance (standaardtijd)): Device configured to be "PoolControl"
Sat Mar 23 2013 15:25:34 GMT+0100 (Romance (standaardtijd)): IMP : Started OK
Sat Mar 23 2013 15:25:49 GMT+0100 (Romance (standaardtijd)): Power state: online=>offline
Sat Mar 23 2013 15:25:55 GMT+0100 (Romance (standaardtijd)): Power state: offline=>online
Sat Mar 23 2013 15:26:45 GMT+0100 (Romance (standaardtijd)): Power state: online=>offline

Code used to run fine until now…

Just tried with some old test code which worked perfectly => same behaviour. I assume something is wrong with the infrastructure

Would agree can’t reach my Agents at the moment

Seems to be general behaviour:

  • Imp downloads code & starts
  • Agent is not running
  • Imp goes offline after 10-15sec
  • Imp goes back online but doesn’t start up
  • imp goes back offline after about a minute and stays offline…

Same here.

Things should be running now, but yes the agents have been upset this morning.

@vedecoid will contact you to get the code that caused this, looks like you have a repeatable bug :slight_smile:

that’s what beta programs are for :slight_smile:

The fix is now live, it did appear to be related to trying to server.log() a blob.

Thanks for posting about the bug - if you ever do manage to seemingly crash the agent VM, info about what you were doing is most useful for debugging (and writing new unit tests!)

I’ve got the same problem right now, device.on() function doesn’t get triggered in the agent when issueing agent.send() on the imp. any suggestions?

Still working on tracking down what happened this time (but it’s a different bug), but the auto-restart didn’t kick in for a likely totally unrelated reason which exacerbated the issue. Working on that too!