IMP (9DOF Tail)

I am working with IMP’s new 9 degrees of freedom gyrometer tail. Does anyone have any sample code or class that could help me get a magnitude reading from light vibrations?

Where did you buy such tail?

@AdamIMP - the 9 degrees of freedom tail uses the LSM9DS0.

@swieter - we’ve only done a small batch of the 9-degrees of freedom tail, so it’s not generally available.

Ahh - I see. I was thinking about spinning such a tail, so seeing this caught my attention. I was also looking at the Nora. Thank you for the update.

@swieter - our design files for the 9-dof tail should be open source (MIT License), let me poke a couple people and see if we can’t get a version of them uploaded somewhere :slight_smile:

The tail’s hardware is incredibly simple (it’s just somewhat high cost because the LSM9DS0 isn’t the cheapest sensor on the block)…

Thank you again! If designs are released (and functional) I’ll look at using your design to fab some boards. This will save me time.