Imp 006 dev board doesn't blink-up

I try to blink-up imp 006 (Murata 1MW, BG96MA) but cannot success - no by WiFi, no by cellular.
Can clear a device settings, bot blink-up stuck.
I try to clear settings and blink again imp C001 and process stop - “Cell Registration Denied.”
So - in case of cellular, maybe something with the provider (LMT, Telia, eSIM), but WiFi is a surprise form me - never had such a situation.
Does imp006 can be blinked-up by WiFi at all?
Any ideas?

P.S. Finally I manage to blink-up by WiFi.

Can you PM with some details? Possibly there’s a SIM issue on that unit.

(update: seems to be power supply related)