Imp 002 trouble

Hello everyone,

What’s the problem today? Ok, so my SO attended the future stack conference last week and came back with this pretty nifty name tag attached to an e-ink display and its imp002. We thought it would be cool to mess around with it, we just needed to charge it…except it doesn’t, Whenever we plug it into any of our computers, it is not recognized. We have been looking around for anyway to fix it and no luck so far. Any ideas?

Much appreciated!

I haven’t seen the new future stack badge, but my guess is that USB is only drawing power from your computer USB port. There probably isn’t any communication, and so you won’t see an devices added on your computer… It should charge though. Is there a charge status light?

@cpsf1313 - the usb port is indeed ONLY for charging - so it’s not surprising that it won’t be recognized.

If you plug your badge in and turn it on, an LED on the backside should start blinking. Does that happen?

You can find more info/code about the badges here and here.

Crazy! It has been plugged in via USB for a couple of days and no change in charge. I don’t see a status light but I will update a pic of it soon.

I don’t think there’s a status LED for charging (although you programmatically check if it’s charging).

Here’s a video of what it should look like when you turn on your badge on (if your badge is already on, you may need to power cycle it… turn it off, wait a few seconds for the capacitance to discharge, then turn it back on).

D1 (the blinking LED) is the status LED - blinking red means it can’t connect to wifi with the credentials it has stored.

Here’s what the back looks like (for anyone else interested)

Yep, constant blinking light at D1.

The problem is, when I plug it in and go to electric imp , the device doesn’t show…and the battery charge image never shows that it is charged :/. It might sound a bit too dumb, but i really really really want to mess with it and no idea where to start to make it work -_-.

No worries! Everyone needs to start somewhere.

I wrote a quick blog post (that mostly points to other documentation) that should guide you through getting your badge online, and running code!

Awesome!! I shall read it up but still, why is it not showing up…? is it supposed to? like when you plug in your ipod/zune/mp3 that says “blahblahblah device is connected”?

The USB plug only supplies power. There is nothing connected to the data pins so the computer doesn’t see it.

So it won’t show…even on the electric imp site? That’s interesting

It will show up in the Electric Imp IDE, @cpsf1313, but only when it’s linked to your developer account. @beardedinventor’s blog post (see message above) shows you how to do this.

This is a special case, because the badge imp isn’t bound to its software application, so you can readily transfer it from one developer account (the badge maker) to another (yours). That’s not always the case with imp-based products.

got it!!! Ooooh, this is going to be so much fun :).

Thanks guys!!!