IMP 002 Development versions where can I get them

Hey All,

A quick question we have got deployment imp 002 devices and I need to develop the base code and would like to get my hands on some development imp 002 where can I get them?. Is there away of changing the 5 deployment imps to development ones ?

There are a limited number of imp002 breakout boards - as this was EOL a couple of years ago - available here:

There aren’t, however, any un-mounted actual modules available anywhere that I know of.

Thanks guys for the quick responses . I am going to try the method suggested in the link and go from there . Again thank you for the support.

Hey Guys,

QuIck one, I presume to create a test fixture for Electric Imp I need Imp 002 or greater is there a min product that I need to do this as when I try create a teat fixture I get …

Any ideas is this the case and if so is it IMP 004 that I need?

Have ordered the 1x impFactory and 2 x IMP 004 modules there now but it will take a week to be delivered. Is there any way of getting the IMP002s moved to the Development platform without blessing ? or is it a case that the factory firmware will not allow this ?

Thanks in advance

Rob C

If they’re already blessed (I understood this to be what you meant by “deployment”), then you need to unbless them. The link I gave has details of how to do that.

The screenshot you post shows you attempting to assign an imp001 card-based device as a factory fixture. This is no longer supported: you need at least an imp002 as a factory fixture. However, I’m not sure why you’re trying to do this; it’s not (as far as I know) required for unblessing a blessed production device.

Hey Roger,

Sorry maybe I am not explaining what I am looking to do very well. We have imp 002 modules that are all production imps i.e. my employer has a batch of them and I can not blink up these standard blinkup application. We need to be able to bless these in order to get the base firmware on them and get them on our system.

We do not have IMP 002m or 004m development devices to hand so I can not build a factory blessing station as to test the new device and boards we created for the imp 002m . I presume there is no other way of blinking up the production device bar with the fixture as to activate them so I can unbless one or two for development?

Thanks in advance

Rob C

If they’re your blessed devices, you can simply unbless them. No factory fixture required. This will turn them into development devices, and they’ll work with the Electric Imp app.

Maybe your question is actually that you have a bunch of blessed devices, and they’re not showing in impCentral, so you can’t unbless them?

If, later, you want to re-bless them then, yes, you’ll need a factory fixture.

I believe the company that used to be Thermodata may still have about 80ish imp002 available for sale. I can pass along contact info if anyone is interested, just send me a message.