Imp 001 unenrolled after migration

I have an imp (imp001) that I designed for a project a while ago around the house that interfaces with my cell phone, and it worked great for years. However, I noticed that after I migrated to the new platform, the interface became very glitchy at best. I looked at my hardware profile and it says its ‘unenrolled’ under the device, yet the device is online and works (some of the time).

I am guessing that having the device unenrolled could be a cause of the gitches, and was wondering how I could enroll the device.

If you go to impCentral’s My Development Devices list (available via the devices menu next to the ? menu), locate your imp001, click Settings under MANAGE, and then select the Connection Info tab — is it saying unenrolled there?

If so, just re-configure the imp001 with the Electric Imp app — this will re-enroll the device.

In what way is the app glitchy?