Imp 001 documentation


Is there any electrical scheme of imp001 out there besides the standard datasheet? I would like to use it for further documentation with my bachelor degree project. Thank you.

Like, an internal schematic? No, that’s not available. the imp003 datasheet has a block diagram of the internals, see

…these are essentially the same as imp001 except on 001 it’s a 24MHz xtal on the MCU, the 32kHz xtal is internal (as is the load switch and SPI flash) and the antenna is also on board.

Thank you very much. Too bad there’s not an internal schematic available, but the block diagram helps too.

Also, the processor on imp001 is also a STM32F405? I could include some info from their datasheet in my documentation

The imp001 and imp002 both use the STM32F205. The imp003 got an upgrade to the STM32F405 (or was it '407? can’t remember).


Thank you. This will help a lot. If there is no electronic schematic available, I will write about the components inside the 001. Hope that will do the trick. Any other specifications or components inside the imp will be welcome :smiley:

If you need more detail on a specific area then ask?