Im rusty - http put code to text/json service

Guys, Xively personal is being deprecated (4 years and they just shut it off with two weeks notice). anyhow, I’m trying to migrate my electric imp code to thingspeak…

I need to post an htttp request to the thingspeak api -
Example POST:

The response is the entry ID of the update, for example: 18.
If the update fails, the response is 0.

My Squirrel code is this (key obfuscated) :slight_smile:slight_smile:
//Now do Again with ThingSpeak service
local Thingspeak_url = “”;
//Dont need this except for debugging.
server.log(body); //print body for testing
server.log("pUT String: " + Thingspeak_url + “&api_key=SNYNAC5234T06W&field8=” + body)
local req = http.put(Thingspeak_url, { “Content-Type” : “text/xml” } ,“api_key=SNYNAC5Q9ZHJY06W field8=” + body); //add headers
local res = req.sendsync(); //send request
if(res.statuscode != 200) {
server.log("error sending message: “+res.body);
}else device.send(“status”, (res.statuscode + " Feed 2 OK”));

I’m doing a very similar thing and it works. The only difference I think is sending the API Key in a header. My code is this:
local thingSpeakUrl = “”;

function httpPostToThingSpeak(reading) {
local headers = {
“Content-Type” : “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”,
“X-THINGSPEAKAPIKEY” : “<api_key>”

// build the params to go on the URL
local data = “field1=” + reading.temp +
"&field2=" + reading.humid +
"&field3=" + reading.pressure +
"&field4=" + reading.lux +
"&field5=" + (reading.temp * 9/5 + 32);
local fullUrl = thingSpeakUrl+"?"+data;

local request = http.get(fullUrl, headers);

Thankx Merlin13 - perfect ! it is now posting to my Xively and ThingSpeak in real time… next on to migrate the four years worth of data from Xively ! :frowning: