If This Then That

I have just started using IFTTT but I think it would be useful to have an electric imp channel with 2-way trigger/action to all of the other channels. It would take a ton of complexity out of some the the tasks imp owners might want to do.

It would be nice, yes. Definitely on the list; it’s a shame they don’t have generic http channels as you’d be able to hook up to those rather easily…

I tweeted IFTTT about this, and they told me they had ‘plans’ to do this:
http://d.pr/i/pGaz (sorry couldn’t find web based version quick enough ><)
IMO, it’s just stupid that they didn’t have generic HTTP / TCP / UDP channels to start with. I think there is a massive need for services like that, to literally be able to connect anything with anything (not just facebook with mail - wow, thats really innovative and special… NOT).

I’ve been looking at Zapier for the business integration but it looks like it might do the job https://zapier.com/developer/overview/

I tried to solve the problem in a simple way HERE

Can Zapier call our Agent URL as an action?

This looks great @jeko.

There is also apparently a hack to use the Wordpress channel as a generic webhook channel that would work for something like this. It’s been on my list to try out for a while, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Here’s some info: https://github.com/captn3m0/ifttt-webhook

@sbright33 Can Zapier call our Agent URL as an action?
Yes I think it can just testing gmail trigger to agent post.
There in/out bound web hooks in Zapier

thank you @beardedinventor i’ll check it out! and i’ll try to make my own wp based webhook :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at Zapier too

@sbright33 have Zapier webhook posting to an Agent.

Zapier webhook IN to webhook OUT this uses instant! so now wait for 15min when using email.

NO wait?

A lot of Zapier integrations only run every 15 mins

Can I see your code? Well there is no special Squirrel code.
How about the steps you took at Zapier?

Been looking at IFTTT first before Zapier. The only advantage I can see is Boxcar, that I’m interested in. That’s not much. They both have free phone and SMS? Has anyone gotten a IFTTT trigger/action working quickly? Looks like Zapier is the way to go!

Zapier does phone calls and SMS thru Twillio only?
IFTT does not use Twillio?