If else statements

I have managed to read a non-existent sensor (they are on their way yay!) and have turned on 2 relay lights. No idea if they will all work but baby steps right?

So now that I can hopefully read the temperature of a probe I should be able to use the logic I have set to turn on/off the SSRs I have in line. Where I am stuck is how to read and manipulate the data from the temp probes. Any ideas/etc are welcome.


So you know, @theorem, I edited your post to fix the broken link.

Thanks smittytone! It was time for bed when I posted the link.

OK so my first attempt is a bit of a dismal failure, mostly due to me learning programming as I go…

hardware.pin8.write(1); //Set the Chip Select pin to HIGH prior to SPI read
readMash189(); //Read SPI data

if (readMash189() < 162)
else if (readMash189() > 162)
hardware.pinD.write(1); //Set the Chip Select pin to HIGH prior to SPI read
readStrike189(); //Read SPI data
if (readStrike189() < 168)
else if (readStrike189() > 168)