IDE Weirdness

Is anyone else having trouble with the IDE web page lately? The log window appears to be non functional and the code editor windows’ text editing cursor seems to jump around a lot when using the arrow keys. My imps are behaving them selves and the code all seems to be running fine but the IDE itself seems horribly broken.

(Running Chrome and IE on Win7 64bit)

Check your tab size is set; click the cog icon top-right-ish?

No problems here with Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac 10.9.4.

(Edit) I have seen the cursor jump erratically when moved with the arrow keys for a long time. Sorry – I’ve become so accustomed to it I didn’t even think about it.

I use Chrome on Win8 64bit and get the log-Window-weirdness, I’ve seen it mentioned here before so maybe its something they are aware of.

I usually refresh the browser and log back it to fix it, haven’t seen the cursor jump around though

Here trbls 2, but i assume there upgrading de IDE so i will be pacient.

We are currently looking into this.

I’d be happy to assist in any debugging if it would help you.

The teleporting cursor seems to be consistently reproducible.

EDIT: Just noticed that the cursor will jump reliably if you put 3 or more consecutive space characters in a line of code…

//jump -----------------

Put the cursor at the first character in that line and gradually move it to the right using the arrow key. This always works for me. However there are other situations were the cursor will randomly jump but I cannot identify a clear pattern to it’s behaviour.

Just tried that, problem still persists.

Notice the Agent part of the page, this happens about 9 out of 10 times I go to the page.

I have observed this too, (using Chrome on PC) but a refresh seems to address the problem.

@MikeyDK - this is a know issue - generally refreshing the page (as @coderdriven mentioned), or even just resizing any of the panes (logs, agent, or device) will fix the issue.

Seems to be unsolvable for my setup. Tried IE also.

Does this bug also appear in the commercial license accounts?

@beardedinventor yes, I know how to fix it… just annoying to do it almost every time :stuck_out_tongue:

@MikeyDK - I know, I agree.

@wardyprojects - the IDE is the same product for both commercial and non-commercial users - although many of our commercial users are using a very early version of an IDE API, which allows them to code in any environment, and push code, etc to their devices through web requests.

We are currently working on expanding and improving this API and making it available for everyone!