IDE v1.41 is Live on IDE Beta

Electric Imp Developers:

We have just updated the IDE Public Beta to version 1.41, which is now available at

Version 1.41 includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Improvement Assigned devices are now correctly sorted alphabetically under their assigned model in the Model Navigator.
  • Improvement If a collaborator deletes a model that a second collaborator is working on, the second collaborator will now be notified and given the opportunity to save their work.
  • Bug Fix Browsing directly to Factory, Reports or Debug tabs (for production models) now correctly provides access to all the content thanks to working scrollbars.
As always, we welcome your feedback and comments — please post them in this forum (you can come here straight from the IDE Public Beta by clicking on the Electric Imp logo and hitting the ‘Provide Feedback’ button. Please include in the post the beta version you are testing (1.41) so we can reproduce and address your concerns accordingly.

The Electric Imp Team.