IDE suggestion to ease early stage startup debugging

A scenario that happens often when developing new code is that you write some code which does pass the syntax check but which, when executed first time, crashes immediately or seconds after start. That then triggers a restart.

In the old IDE, this wasn’t different, but it did not impact performance of the IDE nor the logging allowing you to search for the fault while in the background, the imp made a few dozens of restarts. Often these faults are small typos that can be quickly corrected.
When this now happens in the new IDE, the interface becomes seriously sluggish as well as the (previously reported) jumping of logs up and down between start and end of logs. It becomes very difficult to actually correct small mistakes fast while online and almost impossible to check the logs on what happened, especially when writing debugging info to the logs.

Suggestion : provide a switch which allows to temporarily disable auto-restart of device and agent while debugging those first dozen of code iterations until the startup is at least stable. A fault can then be corrected after which you manually do a new startup attempt.

I realise this is probably much more of a fullenvironment tweak then an IDE tweek, but would still be nice to be able to have that.

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Thanks for the bug report. We already have a fix for that and it’s been deployed on Can you use that environment for your development work and let us know if that happens again? You’ll be able to access using the same credentials and you will also see your existing products and device groups there.

We’re planning to release the same bug fix on the public cloud tomorrow.

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