IDE Release: View old builds!

You probably noticed that every time you click “Build and Run” in the IDE, a little build counter increments. This happens because we’re actually storing every single version of code that you save - we’ve been doing this in anticipation of a feature that was JUST released in the IDE: the ability to view old builds.

I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail here, because we wrote a quick blog post about the feature. You can find it here!

If you have any questions or feedback about the new functionality, please post them in this thread.

awesome but in one of my imps i cannot download the code. when i press build and run it says “Success your code is running” then the build number also increases but the code on the imp side stays the same. the code on the agent side does get updated.

@takissd, have you tried refreshing the browser? I get this sometimes. The imp successfully updates, but server.log() is not updated.

@beardedinventor, thanks for update, great to see previous builds available. I have one negative observation, however. Lag is very noticeable. This may be due to load on the systems, if you’re still carrying out the upgrade. I’m at the end of a very long pipe (New Zealand). In the past it would only pop up occasionally, today I’m get freezes every couple of seconds.

@coverdriven, thanks for the suggestion it did not work. i ended up going home unplugging the power source plugging back in and i am back to normal. very weird :slight_smile:

Where are you seeing the lag? I’m in Japan right now and the editor seems a bit “lumpy”. Possibly the auto-save is blocking, which is something that would be a regression. Will look into it.

“lumpy” is a good description. If I’m typing a line, I’ll get 5 letters, then a pause of 1 second, while the display “catches up”. It’s not impossible to work with, but disconcerting.

Same lumpy response in SA, tried both Safari and Chrome, reset history in both.

I had that lumpiness all afternoon today too and its still happening now. It doesn’t seem to be tied to the logs or the size of the code.

Any way to make the build number available in the api, so the device/agent can pass this useful detail on to other services?