IDE Release 1.48.0 - Enhancement Request

The IDE has been updated which is cool. but now there is a fourth window in the lower left which is wasted space most of the time. It prevents being able to see long lines in the log windows (the log window cannot be scrolled horizontally). Can that additional window be collapsed like the log window can be? See attached image for clarity.

I just noticed that the logging window can be scrolled horizontally, but not when in full screen mode (strange).

A few buttons to select all logs / select a single log line / select a few consecutive lines and copy them to the clipboard would also be helpful - quite often I need the log output fo a Github issue, etc.

Thanks. We appreciate your inputs and we’re looking into a solution to update the log and device panels to work better in full-screen mode.

@deldrid1 - are you looking for an automatic “copy” features, where your highlighted texts are automatically got copied to the clipboard?

A fancy selection tool is all I’m looking for. Ctrl+C works just fine for me. :wink:

I’ve also noticed that the window pane separation bars can be pulled down far enough that they cannot easily be retrieved to pull them back up. For example, if I’m working on agent code, I usually minimize the log window pane and shrink the device code pane to zero by pulling down on the window divider. But, If I pull it down to the bottom, it actually hides behind my windows task bar and I cannot grab it to pull it back up.

Anyone else have this happen? I’m using Firefox in Windows10.

I think this is intentional behaviour. I’m using Windows 10 (Chrome browser). I note the following. If you click on minimise icon (downward pointing triangle) the window divider hides, but then you need to click on the floating maximise icon (upward pointing triangle - note that I see with firefox this floating icon is not always that clear to see due to default position of vertical scroll bars of agent code panel) to get it to return the log window back to its original position. If you manually drag pane down the window divider is always visible and you can manually drag it up again. The original position is determined by where you manually drag the window divider.

In normal mode, the windows never shrink to zero because the title remains (although they are messy and don’t adjust if you shrink them (image 1) then minimize the log window (image 2), shrink the device window again and then un-minimize the log window (image 3)).

It is particularly bad in full screen mode if you do not minimize, but drag the log/device windows divider downward (image 4). It stops right on top of the bottom edge of the browser window and is difficult to grab.

A few other feature requests - can anything that is searchable in the IDE (finding a specific device in the top-right corner and debugging production device logs are the two things that immediately come to mind) work for device ID, MAC address, or Active (and possibly historical) Agent ID?

All of my GUI tools use the Agent ID to track everything so that a device can migrate between users. Unfortunately, this means to debug, I have to go to the debug tab, look up the device ID by the Agent ID, and then can get what I need. This extra step is a bit of a pain if you are on the phone with a customer…

@deldrid1 - do you mind elaborating on “so that a device can migrate between users”?

in terms of the feature to allow search using different attributes, it is already in our todo list, but I cannot give you a timeline yet.

@dheadrick - please check out the IDE Beta, we have updated it today and now it supports expand/collapse on the Device list in both normal and full-screen view.

Feedbacks are appreciated.

A production device migrating between users on my backend. i.e. We are using production blinkUp with per user plan IDs the way that it was intended.

All I was trying to do was give some justification for wanting to search by agent ID

Ok… I tried the IDE Beta. The expand/collapse of the device list is great!! Good work.

Window pane divider placement is still inconsistent depending on what you are doing (examples in 3 posts so that the images can be kept separate):

First, let’s look at top of the interface in the case where you drag all the dividers upwards
(images A1, A2, A3, A4).

I believe that your intent is to ALWAYS show the header of each window (except for the log window when collapsed). At the top, this does happen but is a bit ugly when you switch between normal and fullscreen.

A1 = Normal mode with all the dividers dragged upwards (looks good)
A2 = Switched to fullscreen and the log window divider has dropped to show some of the device window content
A3 = Dragged the log window divider upwards as far as it will go (looks good)
A4 = Switched back to normal mode and now the log window divider has moved up to partially obscure the device window header

I can live with this, it just looks messy.

Next, let’s look at the bottom of the interface in the case where you drag all the dividers downwards
(images B1, B2, B3, B4).

I believe that you also intend to ALWAYS show the headers of each window (again, except for the log window when collapsed). I agree that this would be good, but it doesn’t happen. The interface incorrectly calculates the bottom extent of the browser window and allows dividers to be dragged too far downwards.

B1 = Normal mode with all the dividers dragged downwards (looks good)
B2 = Switched to fullscreen and the log window divider has dropped low enough that the header cannot be read
B3 = I dragged the dividers downward as far as they will allow and now cannot see any of the log window header and the device header has stopped at the correct height in relation to this log divider
B4 = Switched back to normal mode and again the log window has moved up to its correct position, but has obscured the device window header.

Up until now, I was only really looking at the window pane placement behavior. Once I started trying to view my code, I found a problem when the log window is collapsed. Notice that my last line of code in the device window is “init = 1;”
(images C1, C2, C3, C4)

If I collapse the log window with the down arrow icon and go to fullscreen, I can only see half of the second last line of code and the last line is off the bottom of the screen.

C1 = Normal mode with all the dividers dragged downwards (log window NOT collapsed)
C2 = Fullscreen mode with all the dividers dragged downwards (log window NOT collapsed)
C3 = Normal mode with the log window collapsed
C4 = Fullscreen mode with the log window collapsed

From all of this testing, it is pretty clear that the interface incorrectly calculates the lower boundary of the viewable area in the browser. Once that is corrected, most of these problems are fixed.