IDE, Model/Device Settings API

Create APIs for IDE, Model Settings…, and Device Settings… in support managing agent and device code as well as model and device settings. This would facilitate external code editing, configuration management, etc. with basic read/write support for these lifecycle artifacts. FTW, also add support for common code sharing enablers/configuration management platforms (e.g. github, et’al).

This would sure make a nice Father’s Day present!!!

Yep, this is already on the wishlist. Ideally, also with a way to stream the log output down a pipe so you can have that in a terminal window…

Should I ask what day this week you said? For you-know-what…

Any specific plans on SCM support/hooks? Just want to make sure I’m not duplicating any efforts.


An alpha version is with some lead customers right now; it’s basically just API hooks to get/put device & agent code, and to stream logging data. When this is fully baked we’ll release the details, including an emacs script :slight_smile:

Sounds terrific, Hugo – bravo, my friend!!!

Any word on this?

I came across Squirrel Mode for Emacs, but it has some problems running on my system (might be clashing with other language modes), and won’t let me type a ‘{’ when in a .nut file.

@cybi-buildmgr: The API is being worked on right now. We’re in the process of rewriting our IDE to use APIs, once that’s all done we should have a pretty feature complete set of IDE APIs :slight_smile:

It would be nice if the green led within the imp flashed when a successful Build and Run was completed.

If you’d like that, then at the top of your code do this:

imp.enableblinkup(true); imp.wakeup(30, function() { imp.enableblinkup(false); });

…it’ll then blink for 30 seconds after a build and run. Note that you likely want to set this for a decent amount of time in case you want to re-blinkup whilst the last wifi network is still “visible”.

@Hugo: Your code works… but

  1. The first Build and Run will switch of the led within the imp.wakeup time.
  2. The second Build and Run does not turn off the led.
  3. The third time will only work 60 seconds or so after 2.
  4. The fourth time will be unsuccessful as in 2.

…hope this makes more sense to you than it does to me.

No, that doesn’t make much sense to me actually. I’ll have to try to replicate this.