IDE Hanging

The IDE is currently hanging for me.

In both Chrome and Safari it totally freezes and I cannot select or edit the text and get no log output.

Not sure why, the same code in the IDE was working fine yesterday.

? Not had any other reports of this. From your description it sounds like you can select models, look at code, etc but the editor part isn’t working?

It is only hanging on one specific sketch if I go to the IDE and select code from another IMP it is all fine but the one I want to modify just hangs.

Do you have access to my IDE without my login credentials?

My IDE is still hanging and it makes working on my IMP totally impossible,

Please could you take a look at it.

I got the same, can write code, suddenly it stops showing what I just wrote. After 5-10 seconds the code that didn’t show up at first, appears again and it continues to work normal for some minutes, then it happens again.

I’ll ask the developer working on the IDE to drop in and maybe ask some questions. The IDE code has not changed recently so I don’t know why the behavior would change - he may ask you to run chrome and look in the chrome debug console.

Could you open up the javascript console/developer options on Safari/Chrome and let us know if you are seeing any network errors, or anything in the console. We have no errors reporting on our end and can’t reproduce.



This is what error I get.

Not getting any error, and does not seem to hang any longer either.

Mine is still totally unusable.

Is there a way to stop the code running on the Agent?

It seems like it would be good to have a button to stop the code running.

Ok, so it seems like it is just one of my sketches that is crashing the IDE if I quickly (before the IDE crashes) select a different IMP / code then it is fine.