IDE guide


Have not touched the imp for about 6mths and when I try to get my head back around it, it took me 15mins of searching just to figure out how to turn on he status log back on! The IDE may be intuitive to others but call me obtuse, I am struggling with the ide after a few months of abstinence from the imp (though when I was actively playing with imp, it was not a problem).

a simple guide, which would be good for reference for starters:

  1. turn the status log; get agent addr, device addr
  2. create new code and load to device/agent
  3. Load inactive code (in the ide) into device


You’ll have one very shortly, @kenkoknz. The first draft went in for review yesterday.

but ide has already changed 3 times since then LOL

That’s why I have to keep re-writing it :wink:

Is the document available? Where can I get a copy. I could really use the help understanding how the UX works.