IDE funnies or bugs?

Having used the IDE for the last week, some observations and questions…

Couple of time I have had an error message fleetingly flash at the top stating something about having uncovered/caused a bug and “the debugging hippo’s getting onto it…” When I rebuild/compile normally the error is gone.

Secondly, when I power an imp off then on after having been active in the IDE for a while, all messages are shown twice, whether [device] [power state] or [status] related. In order to get the display correct I have to either exit the IDE and restart or do a refresh, it is not consistent.

This happens with both Safari and Chrome on a MacBook Pro…

Any help and or suggestions?

I just saw that myself… also wondering.

Thanks for the feedback and bugs!

The double logs issue is a known bug, and something we’re looking into - refreshing your browser page should make it go back to normal.

The intermittent error is a little more difficult due to the lack of information. Right now the IDE is auto-saving your code every 5 seconds, so it’s possible that the error you’re seeing is a network/ajax error when one of its background saves fails. I don’t think anyone around here has seen it (and believe me, we spend a LOT of time in the IDE).

If you can create a repro case, that would be super useful - if not, that’s alright, we’ll keep eyes open for it.

Here are the things I saw this morning:

A number of times I had to click “Build and Run” twice before it would actually do anything.
I saw the “Hippo’s” message at least 3x while working on code this morning. I don’t know of anything specific I was doing, but I’ll pay attention.