IDE editor cursor behavior!

Why does the editor cursor jump large section of text when traversing right along a line.
Example below from start on left all ok one character at time but when I hit the v in v1.6 it jumps to end of line! why?
server.log("{device: L293D motor controller, ver: |v1.6, date: 20/02/2014}");

Is there some under the hood tabing going on?
I’m using Chrome on windows 7

I have noticed this also. super annoying. Chrome, Windows 7.

The “feature” I battle with is when hitting the delete key, the rest of the line from the cursor position onward is deleted. It appears that the editor auto selects from the cursor to the end of the line. Not sure why it would want to do that but it makes fixing one character typos a pain because you need to position the cursor with the mouse to avoid the unnecessary end of line selection. Sometimes you get lucky positioning the cursor one character ahead and using the backspace key to delete the character you don’t want. If there is a way to disable this “feature”, I would like to know! Ctrl-Z has become the most used keyboard combination ever.

@deonsmt forgot about that have been victim of that too :((

This is default behaviour in ACE (the IDE framework we use). We generally agree that it’s an annoying, and somewhat silly behaviour.

It’s on our radar, and in our issue tracker.

Thanks, I’ve asked before can we have an IDE category on forum please.