IDE editing code

Hi Chaps,
Generally the IDE is good and works great when coding and testing small changes. However I have just started doing some big editing and a few things have come up.
Backspace sometimes looses all edit since last run. I have been trying to work out what causes it but without success at the moment. I will keep looking.
I am using the pop-out editor to get some working space and I have found that you need to be careful accessing the original window as something I did zapped the whole thing and put me back from build 99 to build 1.
It does seem a bit frail and as there is no way of saving apart from run, which I do not always want to do, I have taken to keeping notebook+ open and copy and pasting the code to that to give me an intermediate backup.
Is there any way that we could have a save of some reliable kind?


Yes, please. I also lost some code and now regularly cut and paste to save it elsewhere.