I2c slave driver support

I would like to connect a device to the internet and the EI sounds like a great match for the job… except my controller is the i2c master running the clock at ~400kHz. 3 months ago Hugo wrote “I2C is currently master only, but the hardware is slave compatible and we’ll add driver support – likely early next year.” https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11395
How’s the driver support coming along? I’m looking forward to hacking an internet remote for my IQ2020 hot tub controller.

We’ve had very few requests for I2C slave, so this is still not yet in the queue to be added I’m afraid. We will get to it, but implementation order is currently being determined by commercial customers who require certain features to ship.

I’m a potential industrial/commercial customer and would like to see i2c slave support. I looking to incorporate the EI as a remote troubleshooting tool that would monitor the system passively (i2c slave) and be able to switch over to remote control (i2c master) of the system actively controlling subsystems.

Can you email sales@electricimp.com with more details?

I would also find i2c slave support useful, coincidentally also for a hot tub controller. Although I hacked a control interface as I previously posted, this interface is missing many control features.