I/O expander

Can somebody suggest me the easiest way to make a I/O expander which could have both digital and analog inputs/outputs, if possible even some PWM outputs would be nice to have on this device. All information should be transmitted by using CAN-bus (16 bit data)

Silly suggestion, but the simplest way to get more I/O than an imp001 is to use an imp002.

Or you could look at the Hannah reference design, which uses an I2C expander to give an imp001 lots more I/O, but I think that is all digital.

More details on imp002 here. You can buy boards with imp002s ready soldered in place from the likes of Make Deck.

More info on Hannah here

How many bits are you after? I’ve not seen any IO expanders that sit on CAN, they’re generally I2C or SPI.

Some NXP ones do PWM and digital IO. An IO expander with analog is called an ADC, though :slight_smile: