I know why it goes Offline!

Finally figured it out. Certain bugs cause it to go offline in Log. For example:

I’m sure there are more ways that happened to me, but that’s the first one I caught. It was difficult to track down because I also made changes to hardware around the same time. It appears random and intermittent. I have seen it happen besides imp.wakeup. It’ll make you crazy as a beginner!

It is a bug in the firmware.
The new release of the firmware has a bugfix for this.

Negative wakeup time?!

I didn’t type it that way. It’s a bug with a variable that is mistakenly negative. My bad. But your bad for not telling me! Instead it just goes Offline…

Definitely a bug! Will file it…

I’ve tried to reproduce this, but all I can see is an immediate wakeup, and the running of the callback. Do we know what the “bug in the firmware” was? It’s also possible that the going offline is caused by something in myfunc.

It’s intermittent. When I made the parameter positive it stopped. I realize this is a difficult one. Yes it could be something in myfunc, but then why does it go away? I don’t remember if the value was -2 specifically.