I have several Extech Sound dataloggers. I wonder if I can port the realtime data to an Imp instead

of logging it to a very limited storage chip onboard the datalogger. I imagine I can supply the power to run the datalogger from something other than the specialized $10 3.6 lithium battery they designed the unit to use. There is a setup mode that will stream data directly to a program on a pc so I figure I can decode the signal once I know how to wire it up. Does anyone know if I can capture the data signal from a standard male USB plug?

I doubt the signal is on the USB plug at all; sounds like the data is stored to internal memory, and the USB plug is there to retrieve this data… and it almost certainly stops logging when you’re connected to USB.

just a thought… haven’t tried this myself.

try installing and using RealTerm. if the datalogger ‘acts’ like a serial port then you may be able to sniff this traffic with RealTerm software. It would give you a heads up for what the data is, at least.

Thanks Hugo and mjkuwp94. I will look into RealTerm since I know that one of the modes for the device is streaming live data through the USB to their software interface. The device must be set up either for streaming or for storage.