I cannot get IDE to recognize my imp device after BlinkUp

I am trying to get past the Blinkup and into the Hello World, however upon BlinkUp’ing, it appears that my imp connects and shows on my DLink router wireless summary as being connected. It gets an IP address assigned to it, however, it is not showing up as a device available on the IDE web based software. Why does IDE not see my device?

What is the imp’s LED doing, and what device do you have the imp plugged into?

The imp is blinking short green followed by a barely longer green…over and over and over …for hours, if I let it. It looks like it’s trying to update, but it’s not getting connected. My router shows the imp connected. I got a message saying that there are some issues with the D-Link router, which I have (DIR655) and that I just need to connect to another router. Trying to find another router to connect to, then maybe it will update and I’ll be good to go. Any help is appreciated.

The imp is plugged into a Spark Fun “Electric Imp Breakout BOB-11400”

D Harrison

You can also try turning off DNS relay on the D-link settings page, restarting the router, then trying the imp again. It should then update, and after that you can turn DNS relay on.

This is a bug in the D-link router - it’s returning an incorrect DNS lookup - but later versions of the imp software work around it.

Well, I’ve spend the majority of three days trying to get this imp to work. It’s not happening. Frustrated to no end. I’ve tried two different brands of routers, D-Link and Netgear. I’ve turned off the DNS…still nothing. The imp shows connecting to the routers…I can get an ip address to show for the MAC number of the imp…so it seems connected to the router. From there, the imp just blinks continuously one green blink, following by another green blink of a slightly longer duration…as if it is in update mode. Unless it takes over 12 hours to update, my is not undating. I left it on overnight only to awaken to a green flashing light imp this morning. At this point, I wish I had never heard of the imp. It seemed like a neat thing, but when it doesn’t work, not only a waste of money, but a waste of time and my sanity. Unless I’m missing something, I’m sending it back.

I can appreciate your frustration, but I would encourage you to keep trying, though not necessarily with those routers and your current connection. Is there anywhere else you can go to connect and upgrade the Imp firmware? It is easy to blame the Imp, if other things work on the router, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t actually still the routers fault. Developing with the Electric Imp is really fun, and the Imp team is as helpful and knowledgeable as any out there.

OK…THANKS for hanging in there with me. I went to a neighbors after not being able to get it blinked up with my D-Link Router (DIR655) nor my Netgear router (WNDR3300). I may not have properly disable DNS on my DIR655. Hugo gave me some more direction on that after I had already gone to my neighbors. Interesting thing was that while we got past the updating on blinkup, the IDE software wouldn’t recognize the imp on his computer, but it was acting different…wasn’t constantly blinking…went to no lights. So, I brought it home, blinked up for my network, and behold, IDE now sees it. Sorry for my frustration earlier…I just lost my patience. Thanks for staying with me.

Glad you got it going. The Imp only blinks green for 60 sec after blink-up unless you program it to continuously try. Its all about power saving.