I cannot associate the imp code to a imp node

Hi guys!
I’m following the Hello World example here.
I added the Hello World code of that example without problems, but when I tried to follow the Code Deployment & Testing chapter, I couldn’t associate the code to the imp node. I have only a Blank imp node. When I press in the settings icon, top-right corner of imp node, I can see the Algo code that I’ve created. Let me show you my dashboard:

If I press in edit link of Algo, it opens an url https://plan.electricimp.com/model/-1?uid=A_HEX_NUMBER_HERE but with a message of Not Found. However, in the code section I see this:

And I can edit the Algo code, if I want.
In addition, in the impees section, I’ve just a hex number 2358… and in the code section of Algo, the Errors tab is empty, but the Log tab says No device connected. However, I’ve already followed the commissioning page steps, and the imp seems to be successful programmed, the imp flashed green after that, and I can see the MAC address of the impee connected in my Wireless Access Point. Also the IP associated to the impee responds to the ping commands.
Is there something that I am doing wrong? How can I get it working?

Sorry, this is a long-standing bug. Add another firmware and things will start working again.

amazing! now It’s working… thank you!

I’ve added a note to the wiki. We ought to either fix that or replace that bit of the system :slight_smile: (we’re working on the latter!)

I just hit the same issue when working through the hello world example in the wiki

Making a second copy of the code did the trick for, but it a frustrating bug that could put off new imp’rs

me too - spent an evening trying to work out what step i missed… would be good to have a hint on the tutorial page until the bug is fixed

would be good to have a hint on the tutorial page..

What tutorial page are you looking at hotchk155? It looks like the hello world tutorial was updated a while ago with this information.

Is there another tutorial page we might have missed that should be updated (or do you have a suggestion for how we can update the hello world page to make that note a bit more obvious)?

Ok Yeah, allow me to also chime in to FIX THIS BUG! And Yes Increase the FONT Size, change the color to RED and make the section blink that announces this bug… I must have read the Hello World example a dozen times, and even this post several times before I understood what was wrong… I know its clear to you as the developers of the electric imp what needs to be done to work around this… but I’m sorry… as a first time user of the system you simply CANNOT believe that the first program you write simply will not and cannot work until you write a second one! I would have SWORN there was no caveat about there being a bug until I went back and double checked it myself of the Hello World tutorial… I swear I read that page a dozen times and NEVER noticed that statement until I got to this posting! Please FIX this bug… It completely destroys first time user confidence in your system!

@valentinepeter: This is actually something I ran into when I first started playing with the imp, so I understand your pain.

Once the new IDE is released this will no longer be an issue… in the mean time, I’ve revamped some parts of the hello world page on our devwiki. Hopefully the instructions are a lot more clear, and fewer people who use this guide miss the important step of making a dummy code module.

Yup just ran into something like this bug.
Spent a frustrating two hours trying to get something simple going, then switched to a demo program Analog In, copied it from a test I set up a couple of days ago - and it started running. Still didn’t work as described on the Wiki, but the compiler and sending it down worked.
The framework is fantastic … now I have a couple of other Planner to ImpId/device SHA204 association bugs I need to try and understand…