HTU21D Temperature and Humidity

Bought this from and tried this code but not sure if it works because the server.log is not working in Chrome. So, can anyone tell me if I have the right idea?

function readTandH(){
local alsAddr = 0x40;
local temp =<<1, “”, 3);
//local hum =, “”, 3);
server.log(format("%02x %02x", temp[0], temp[1]));


Yeah, that would look to be the right sort of thing. Note that your “\f5” is missing the “x”, but it’s also commented :slight_smile:

Thank you.

But what about server.log not working? Any idea how to fix that?

Not aware of any server.log issues with chrome - we all use chrome ourselves. What version & OS?

I found that when I don’t see any data in the server log screen, if I open a new tab in Chrome and go to any website, when I go back to the Imp screen, the log data is there…??? Windows 7 and Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m

Does refresh on the IDE help?

No and really what I have to do is open (I am not kidding) open Xively, click on my feed and click graphs then when I go back to the Imp IDE, the server logs are there. I have tested this many ways and that is the scenario that works…???