Httpstream as alternative for polling data by Client with GET requests to agent

I’ve been trying to get my head around the question whether it is possible to use the httpstream new(er) functionality to replace the current client update mechanism I use where the client (.Net based Mobile app) is sending GET requests to the agent on a regular polling basis. I know I could potentially use long polling but didn’t try that out yet.
So question : can you, and if yes how, ‘request’ a stream to be send from the agent to a client that subsequently stays open for the duration the client wants to monitor the data in the Imp application ?

I’ve been reading both the HttpClient documentation (client side) and the httpstream docs, but can’t really figure out if this is uberhaupt possible. So, before spending too much time on it : Is it possible ???

Obviously if there would be plans to support WebSockets from the agent, that would even be better…

httpstream isn’t what you want. This allows outbound streaming to an http session established outbound by the agent. You’re looking for the agent to be able to stream to an inbound http session established by the phone.

There are plans to support websockets, yes, though inbound and outbound websockets will be different features.