Http requests and Android

Hi. I am currently developing a project involving an android application and my embedded system. The details I will reveal later, however I am fairly new to HTTP and how web servers work. Is there anyway i can send data from my embedded system through the electric imp every time I receive an HTTP request?

I have also requested the use of the Agent for my electric imp, do I require an external server to handle the communication or can I send data directly back to my android app?

Yes, the agent can receive a request, send it to the imp, wait for data to be returned from the imp, and then reply to the request with the fresh data from the imp.

See here for examples:

Thanks Hugo! This means I don’t need an external server? My data width is also around 10~15Mbytes. Can I execute this data dump with this request?

10-15MB in a single transaction is unlikely to happen with an imp I’m afraid. Getting that much data into, and out of, an imp which has very limited network buffers, is going to take a while.

My data is organized in an array within my embedded system. I could fetch different indexes, but won’t that take too long as well? Do I need to fetch each index as a separate HTTP request? My application needs to graph different data points that consist of a 2 byte array obtained from the system. I am storing 127 different sensors and a maximum data of (2 bytes30days24hours*12 items/e.a. min) = 17280 bytes. Can I send each individual device data or is that still too much?

Sorry 12 items per hour.

Also I have yet to understand, do I require a server for the android application, yes or no?

This has been answered. Thanks Hugo.