HTTP REQUEST: Send an email

is there an easy way for an imp to send an email at a certain event?
I think it would work with an HTTP REQUEST but I’m not familiar with PHP scrips etc.

I welcome any help

It’s a bit tricky right now but soon (a few weeks, probably) the agent API will be available which gives much more flexibility in how you construct http requests. With that you should be able to talk to some HTTP->mail gateway services pretty easily.

Okay, that’s cool!
Thanks for the fast answer.

you could use for now.
just follow @brendandawes guide
and use the eMail It app instead of the twitter app


Has this issue been solved? Is there an easy way to send emails now?

If so, how can we accomplish this?

He said that somewhere in the next month we will have agents
i dont know what its capabilities are, but it sounds promising :slight_smile:

Yes, is there any update since November Hugo? Thanks.

Yes, the agents are in a closed beta right now with tens of developers. When they’re solid and the docs are ready, these will be released to everyone. I’m afraid I’m going to invoke the “few more weeks” phrase again :slight_smile:

If you believe you should be added to the closed beta, PM me and we can discuss.

Well, Univ. will start again in two weeks, I belive its not enough :(|)

Martin, do you have your own website?
You can request (post) to a PHP script on your website and that script can send the emails, or SMS text message (if you subscribe to an SMS service).

Does anyone know when the agent API will be able to send email messages?
I’m going to try the open solution in the meantime.

Agents will make it easy to use Mailgun. Coming soon.

Yes, the agents will be a major thing. The imp can POST to any URL without any need for the nodes in the planner. Coming soon.

So agents and http is still not available right? I would pretty much like to use :-/

Does do email?

Or do you mean you wish to POST values to some website?

Right now, you can use the HTTP_REQUEST node in your planner to POST a value to a PHP script, or whatever. What are you wanting to POST?