HTTP Request and Lighttpd?

I am having trouble with HTTP Request on a lighttpd server and I'm wondering if anyone else is using lighttpd?

I have the sample code temperature logger running and displaying temperature updates in the planner. 

I added an HTTP Request node and pointed to my imp.php URL on a lightppd server. The planner shows a 200 response but no impdata.txt file. I checked the permissions to make sure php can write to the folder and it can. The lighttpd error log shows nothing unusual.

I then set up the exact same imp.php on an apache server and the impdata.txt file was created and updated on schedule.

Any ideas? TIA

I ran in to the same issue running my tempature code also. I just added the impdata.txt file to my public_html file and it worked until the “etimeout” started showing up.

Well the “ETIMEDOUT” is very annoying! lol

Update… Web server that I am useing is have sever issues ATM… Been going on for the last day and a half