HTTP.Post() on Device

Hello, I have recently been trying to solve a problem which I haven’t seen any other solutions to. I have a few devices that accept HTTP payload requests locally on my network (eg: yamaha receiver & insteon hub) but do not interoperate with other networks / tools.

What I want to do is use the imp agent to relay commands from IFTTT via the maker channel to my local network. I ran a quick test, and very quickly found the http* methods don’t work on the device code.

How can I send simple POST messages (or even raw network messages, and I will set the contents) from the device. The agent-side functions don’t work since port forwarding back to my network is completely insecure.


Currently, there is no way to do this. The lack of local network access on the imp is by design, as this means that even a malicious (or, more likely, compromised) vendor using the imp platform could not launch a local attack on any local network resources because the imp VM prevents such access.

Sorry, not quite the right platform for that usage. You could use an ESP or something similar - an ESP with default AT command firmware hooked to an imp UART would do this just fine.

Thanks very much for the quick reply. Much appreciated. I will keep thinking about how to do this. Given your answer, I may instead write an app on my home server instead. I was hoping the imp solution would be faster.