Html post an array?

I have an array like:

Numbers <- [“73”, “97”];

and I’d like to send Numbers as a POST array. I can do this in other languages but not sure how to do it in squirrel.
I’ve tried several things but keep failing.

Any help please?

Just use http.jsonencode(Numbers) to turn it into JSON. You can do this with pretty much any squirrel object (tables, nested arrays, etc).

I already worked around this by processing the raw POST request in PHP on my server.

This particular project was interesting. A remote driveway sensor sends a signal back to a receiver. I attached an imp to it and found that the wifi interfered with the receiver, so that’s why i put the imp into sleep mode. The imp gets woken up on a driveway alert though, thru the interrupt pin.

The code I just added sends a list of phone #'s to a server that, in turn, grabs static images from the security cam NVR and forwards them to the #'s, while the agent sends a txt alert to the same #'s.

It’s working pretty nicely. Although the time thing is still bugging me.

I just picked up an imp explorer. Can’t wait to see what trouble I can get into with that one. :slight_smile: