HTML page, use text input as value in agent

Here is what i did :

the html code is : `html <-

Thingspeak KEY is :
Site name is :
Site description is:
Site adresse is :
Site contacts is :
Email receipient is :
Other details :

In each field, i would like to be able to enter a value, and use this value in my code

is it possible and how can i do that?


What exactly are you trying to do?

Maybe a real shared webhost account would be better?
PHP scripting can work with the imp agent, you’ll have your own database too.

As my boards will run the same code, but send email to different destination, I tough it was more convinient for the user to enter all the required information using text box and button instead of having to make http request for each parameter, it would also allow me to not rely on external file/server/site for the configuration

Yes it is certainly possible. A very good guide is this imp blog:

This blog provides an explanation of how to use the html form post method.

Looking at your html code, you are missing “name” fields which provides the “key” or the field reference identifier that contains the text input content. You need to create a unique name field so that you can refer to that later when the data arrives at agent.

You also typically only need one form “submit” button in an html form. If you want to have multiple “apply” buttons you could use jquery / javascript to handle the information transfer. jquery/javascript allows data transfer without form refresh.

Anyhow the blog provides a great tutorial on a standard form post and should give you what you want.